Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama said Gemah ripah loh jinawi (Barry and President Soeharto)

President of United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama or Barry very like to speech in front of public. From language perspective, Obama is a great speaker.
When Obama lived in Jakarta, Indonesia, Barry is learned speech from President of Republic Indonesia Soeharto. General Soeharto is one of Barry inspiration. Soeharto is a second President of Republic Indonesia who replace the first President RI, Soekarno.

In the past time when Soeharto was spoken on tv, he wrote all the subject. And then he did as the same as Soeharto in front of his family. That event happened between 1969 until 1971 when Obama live at Menteng Dalam, Jakarta. Obama said that "Below Menteng".
Since childhood Barry have a wish to be a President. And now Barack Hussein Obama known as a President 44th of USA who can speech clearly.
Indirectly, Barry has been made Soeharto as his techer. Teacher who teach how to speech as a leader.
Someday when Barry doing like Soeharto at the event, Obama looks hard to pronunciation like Soeharto who said "gemah ripah loh jinawi". And that's very funny.
Kompas Daily Newspaper wrote this story was told by Obama's friend in Indonesia, Lia. Obama called her, "Mbak Non." (Akira Ray Danari)

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