Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Friend Obama song

Obama dunking!Obama dribbling!Obama's IM!
This video's got it all!
And its getting big in Kenya, no joke!

Now I've been thinkin for a while
I know that the
country's been sinkin
and we need our man
I say Obam-a
Ba-Bam-Ba Obam-a

Too much fightin
and it aint gonna end
but he plays a little b-ball
he can be my friend
I say Obam-a
Ba-Bam-Ba Obam-a
Ba-Bam-Ba Obam-a

You see, everybody's talkin bout
the color of skin
but if we all come together
then its win win win
with Obam-a
Ba-Bam-Ba Obam-a

Maybe he'll hear my little
songwriting skill
and I'll get to play some basketball
on Capitol Hill
with Obam-a
Ba-Bam-Ba Obam-a
Ba-Bam-Ba Obam-a

Well I just known em
from a year before
but I can't wait for
what we have in store
Regaining the trust of the
world today
might take a little more than
voting day

Well I'm not happy where the
country has been
so it looks like we're gonna
start all over again
with Obam-a
Ba-Bam-Ba Obam-a
Ba-Bam-Ba Obam-a

Ba-Bam-Ba Obam-a
Ba-Bam-Ba Obam-a

He's making a speech
His smile is the best
He out-jumps the rest
without breaking a sweat
And I'm sure we havent seen the best yet

Hoops in the White House
could be plenty of fun
and when he ratifies a bill
he can say 'and one'
thats Obam-a
Ba-Bam-Ba Obam-a

Everybody's stressin bout the
dollar bill
and the housing market's tumbled
like a Jack and Jill
help us Obam-a
Ba-Bam-Ba Obam-a

So, I heard that he likes
the Chicago Bulls the best
but right now they're not as strong
as the rest
he can meet some leaders
on the court for fun
and have em try to beat the president

Well I'm looking forward to election day
and hope that states I've never been to
will swing the way
of Obam-a
Ba-Bam-Ba Obam-a
Ba-Bam-Ba Obam-a
Laterz, Mr. Emptyhand

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